Muscatel Grape Jam P.D.O. Vinalopó


A unique jam in the world, made with Moscatel D.O.P. Vinalopó grapes. Spectacular flavour, extraordinary properties.

Muscat grape, sugar, natural fruit pectin for gelling and citric acid.


Net Weight

An extraordinary jam, full of healthy properties and with the most authentic flavour of the Moscatel del Vinalopó grape.

“Our commitment to the product obliges us to wait for the optimum moment of ripeness in the grape bunch of the UVA MOSCATEL, harvested in a unique geographical enclave that has the P.D.O. Uva Embolsada del Vinalopó, to guarantee the EXTRA quality in the production of the Mermelada Tradicional Uva Moscatel (Traditional Muscatel Grape Jam). We have made a perfect jam with a balanced flavour, which becomes a sweet and carefully prepared break when accompanying any variety of cheese”.